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Ideal Respond to:  Pretty crazy... and dangerous. I realize you almost certainly will not pick my solution as finest, but I truly feel it's useful to publish the reality about Scientology whenever I'm able to. That is how crazy and unsafe Scientology can really get: • Operation Snow White – Less than this official program, Scientology operatives dedicated infiltration, wiretapping, & theft of documents in authorities places of work. This system constituted the single largest infiltration of The us government in history. Among the many 11 notable Scientologists convicted of the conspiracy was Mary Sue Hubbard, the wife of Scientology’s “prophet”. ... ... • Operation Freakout - Their marketing campaign of sabotage & violence versus Paulette Cooper, the writer who revealed her investigation & conclusions on quite a few cults, like Scientology. Scientology’s official system: to frame Paulette, damage her career & track record & get her possibly incarcerated or locked up in psychiatric confinement. The Formal strategy: ... Her book: • Reasonable Video game - the Scientology policy detailing how the Group may well confront & cope with critics & perceived enemies. Here's a immediate quote: "Enemies could be deprived of house or wounded by any means by any Scientologist without any self-discipline of the Scientologist. Could be tricked, sued or lied to or ruined.” • Physical & psychological punishment: Scientologists who "crack the rules" while customers of the "Sea Org" need to matter by themselves to your Rehabilitation Challenge Pressure (RPF), which incorporates regimes of harsh physical punishment, forced self-confessions, social isolation, tough labor and intense ideological indoctrination.

Specifically Richard- LRH’s two most worthy targets were acquiring people today audited to Clear and OT and obtain individuals skilled in large quantities to have the ability to audit Some others to those states

Critics of Scientology have instructed that other factors may possibly have been at get the job done. In the letter of the time to his wife Mary Sue,[forty two] Hubbard mentioned that, as a way to assist his study, he was drinking alcohol and having stimulants and depressants ("I'm drinking numerous rum and popping pinks and greys").

The swift and calculated responses with the team have managed to try and do what no other organisation or governing administration has completed – censor sure info from the web. You can Learn how to create a bomb on the internet, however, you can't learn what you have to complete to move OT level VIII during the Church of Scientology.

.. In a decade and above one hundred fifty episodes of South Park, Isaac in no way had a challenge with the show creating entertaining of Christians, Muslims, Mormons and Jews. He acquired a unexpected case of religious sensitivity when it was his religion featured to the present. Naturally We're going to launch Isaac from his contract and we want him perfectly."[ninety two] Comedy Central cancelled the repeat at short discover, choosing rather to display screen two episodes showcasing Hayes. A spokesman stated that "in light of your functions of before this 7 days, we planned to give Chef an correct tribute by airing two episodes He's most noted for."[89] It did inevitably rebroadcast the episode on July 19, 2006.[88][93] Stone and South Park co-creator Trey Parker felt that Comedy Central's homeowners Viacom had cancelled the repeat as a result of future launch of the Tom Cruise film Mission: Impossible III by Paramount, A further Viacom enterprise: "I only know what we have been informed, that individuals included with MI3 preferred the episode from the air and that is why Comedy Central had to make it happen. I don't know why else it would have been pulled."[94]

L. Ron Hubbard didn't believe in donations. He didn’t believe in fundraisers. The truth is, he had relatively scathing phrases to say on the topic:

Scientology provides a specific and workable technological know-how for implementing spiritual concepts to each aspect of life.

It’s a sign of incredibly inadequate management to seek amazing answers for finance outside Scientology. It has often failed.

"Xenu" can take folks from these planets and puts them in "space planes" to fly all the way down to earth and drop them in volcanoes. Wherever their bodies exploded, with their souls leaving your body, floating about

This also tends to make me surprise Should the inherent criminal character of your IAS really attracts other criminal elements similar to this? Just lately we have viewed a completely new ponzi scheme roll through the discipline.

They better not use the phrase “civilization changer” since LRH said that’s what he was. This irreligious accumulation of wealth will backfire, if they don’t truly put this money to some kind of public religious like assistance to society.

Scientology's Core Beliefs 09 Jan 2001 Now for all you Scientologists setting up on relocating up the Bridge, I just want to give you a heads-up on what to be expecting. And, for your couple people that ever contemplate stepping into Scientology, I need to provide you with a brief watch of their cosmology. This story will be the core perception from the religion called Scientology. Should the folks Scientology attempts to recruit understood about this story, I do not think they would at any time get involved. scientology beliefs bullet points This story is advised to Scientologists when they attain the next leveI. In the event the folks in Scientology within the scientology beliefs do they believe in god decrease levels realized about this story, I don't Imagine they would would stay to the Scientology hamster wheel. It is a road to overall some thing, but not independence. seventy five million years ago, there was an alien galactic ruler named Xenu who was in command of seventy six planets inside our Portion of the galaxy, together with our possess planet Earth, whose title at that time was Teegeeack. The entire planets Xenu managed were being more than-populated by, on regular, 178 billion people. Social problems dictated that Xenu rid his sector of your galaxy of the overpopulation problem, so he created a system. Xenu despatched out Tax Audit needs to every one of these billions of individuals. As each one entered the audit facilities to the revenue tax inspections, the folks had been seized, held down and injected with a mixture of alcohol and glycol, and frozen. Then, all one.4 trillion of these frozen individuals had been set into spaceships that seemed precisely like DC8 airplanes, apart from the spaceships experienced rocket engines instead of propellers. Xenu's full fleet of DC8-like spaceships then flew to planet Earth, the place the frozen folks were dumped in and all over volcanoes inside the Canary Islands as well as Hawaiian Islands. When Xenu's Air Power experienced finished dumping the bodies to the volcanoes, hydrogen bombs were being dropped in to the volcanoes as well as frozen space aliens were being destroyed. Nevertheless, Xenu's system concerned organising Digital traps in Teegeack's atmosphere which were meant to trap the souls or spirits in the dead Place aliens. When the 1.four trillion spirits were being being blown all-around to the nuclear winds, the electronic traps worked just like a allure and captured each of the souls within the Digital, sticky fly-paper like traps. The spirits of your aliens had been then taken to large multi-plex cinemas that Xenu had Earlier instructed his forces to create on Teegeack. In these Film theatres the spirits experienced to invest a lot of days watching Unique 3D films, the purpose of which was twofold: 1) to implant into these spirits a Bogus reality, i.e. the reality that WOGS know on Earth nowadays; and, 2) to manage these spirits for all eternity to ensure that they could under no circumstances trigger problems for Xenu In this particular sector from the Galaxy. During these movies, numerous Phony pictures have been implanted into these spirits, which resulted within the spirits believing in all the things which Handle mankind on Earth today, like religion.

Cost-free speech lawyer Mike Godwin analyzes actions by the Scientology Business to shield and preserve top secret the Xenu text, within a dialogue in his book Cyber Legal rights about the appliance of trade top secret law on the Internet.[ninety six] Godwin explains, "trade solution legislation shields the data itself, not simply its specific expression. Trade mystery legislation, unlike copyright, can secure Tips and facts immediately."[ninety six] He puts forth the issue, "But did the fabric really qualify as 'trade secrets'? Between the fabric the church has actually been attempting to suppress is what may be named a 'genesis myth of Scientology': a Tale about a galactic despot named Xenu who resolved 75 million several years ago to destroy a lot of people today by chaining them to volcanoes and dropping nuclear bombs on them."[ninety six] Godwin asks, "Does a 'church' Commonly have 'opponents' within the trade secret perception?

ALIENS lol. But only when you can get to a particular and really costly level. In this article you may listen to the founder of scientology l ron hubbard speaking about the evil galactic overlord xenu/xemu as showcased in South Park. And Indeed this is what they believe when they reach the level "OT3". ... Scientologists believe the souls of useless Room aliens (Body Thetans) have attached by themselves to us and their problems from their earlier life afflict scientology beliefs clams us and we have to "Clear" them making use of scientology procedures.

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